Adventure to the Shotover River

Date of Adventure: 7 March 2021

Kadi and I had been craving movement. We were walking twice a day every day in quarantine, but it had been several been several days since our release and a few more before that since our last walk.

With that in mind, we decided to find a walk. It wasn’t supposed to rain, and the sun was out! What better place to go than down to the river?

We found a rough path that would take us down there, starting at the Holiday Park we were staying at, winding through a neighborhood and jaunting down what looked like a path on Google Maps.

Hope it goes through!

We crossed a couple streets, making sure to look right first, something new to learn with the opposite traffic here.

Heading down through the neighborhood, we could see the valley we were going down into. Progress! The dirt path we had chosen looked to be promising, and the sun was shining!

We walked past a small field of replanted trees with protective cardboard around them, and heard a dog barking at the kids he was playing with. As we rounded the corner, something caught our eye: small black beads glistening on the bushes?

Blackberries! I had grown up in the Pacific Northwest, where blackberry bushes were abundant and pesky. The taste of sun-sweetened blackberries brought me back to my childhood as the seeds got stuck between my teeth. Kadi said these were the best blackberries she had ever had!

The path soon descended beneath a thick cover of pine trees, darkening the area and enveloping us in a dank smell of rot. The perfect place for mushrooms! They were poking up through the leaf covered ground. Of course I had to stop at each mushroom and take not just one, but at least five photos of each one.

Good thing I brought my camera along!

Once we finally made it past the mushrooms, the forest floor kept grabbing our attention with it’s bright flowers and plants! There were a few more blackberries down a steep hill, but it seemed a bit too dangerous to get those.

Purple seemed to be the color of the day!

Desktop background for sure!

We finally made it down to the river (much later than anticipated)! Because of the mining history in this area, there are some old relics of that time 150 years ago.

Old thing
Perfect skipping rock!
Kadi staying warm

Though the forecast didn’t call for rain, it rained all the same. We decided we had had enough of the water and headed back to the van. What a beautiful short walk!

Back uphill

Thanks for reading!


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