The South Coast – West

Date of Adventures: 2 April 2021

Continuing south from Clifden and lake Hauroko, the south coast wasn’t far away. We didn’t have too many stops in mind, but we found plenty to see!

When we first hit the south coast, we were both a bit awed! We hadn’t seen the ocean from the land since we had been here in NZ, so we took in the crashing waves and salty breeze with amazement.

The start of the Hump Ridge track (slated to be NZ’s next Great Walk) was down by us, so we took a quick look. Someday we will be back to hike it!

The next stop was required just because of the name: Gemstone beach! It backed up it’s name, and we found some beautiful rocks to add to our collection!

Just around the bay from gemstone beach was some more neat nomenclature: monkey island! Unfortunately, there were no monkeys there.

Should’ve been seagull island

Continuing east, we spotted our first surfers in the protected waters of Riverton.

We decided to stay the night there at a coastal freedom camping site, and were greeted by a nice rainbow!

Finally, we headed into the big city of the South, Invercargill. A place of old beauty, it has all kinds of brick buildings interspersed with new development. We had to get ready for our next big trip, the Rakiura Track! Thanks for reading, and you’ll be reading about our time on that track next!


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