Te Araroa: Te Anau

Days on Trail: 15-16 | Date of Adventure: 20-21 Jan 2022

After our hitch-hike in to town, we walked along the beach front of Lake Te Anau to find the backpacker’s lodge we planned to stay at. The YHA, the hostel I had stayed at when I first did the Kepler and Milford in 2015, had just shut it’s doors less than a month ago, so I was a little sad I couldn’t share that experience with Kadi. Darn COVID!

Our American hut-mate at the Princhester hut highly recommended Bao-Now!, a food cart across from the grocery store here in town, so we headed there as soon as we could for a late lunch.

Fried chicken

It was D E L I C I O U S. Nothing like fried food to get your tummy happy!

Crispy tofu

My shoes were starting to bust out the sides in a couple places, so we found a local haberdasher who lent us a curved needle to do some repairs!

I have long hair now
She also lent us the pliers! Super nice!

These shoes had taken me on hundreds of miles of CO trails even before I did all the South Island Great Walks in them, so their time was coming soon! I also repaired a similar problem in Kadi’s shoes!

We took a rest day in Te Anau (2 nights total), so we took the time to do some laundry and photo organizing on top of the standard battery bank/phone charging.

I have a tradition of getting Chinese food from the same restaurant every time I come to Te Anau, including times in 2015, 2017, 2021 and now 2022!

Backpacker’s kitchen was orange!

We headed off the next morning, needing to get another hitch back to where we had left off. But we’ll talk about that in the next post!

That’s all for Te Anau, our next section is the dramatic Mavora Lakes section! Thanks for reading!

Getting inspired (not pregnant)
Hokey pokey squiggle

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